What is Daimon?

Discover You is the first step in this larger project aimed at forming a counselling system for individuals, schools and businesses. The project builds on research done alongside my Master’s thesis from the University of Iceland.

​The working title of this project is Daimon, from the ancient Greek concept of the voice at the back of your head that knows what the right thing to do and say at each time. A person who was considered happy was thought to be in eudaimonia, or quite literally ‘in good spirits’ as in possessed by happiness. The aim of Daimon is in fact eudaimonia, to guide towards some form of happiness.

In short, the system revolves around the theory of re-arranging and re-telling your (and our) own story for therapeutic purposes. The story you hold to be true about yourself influences each of your decisions and habits, but your version of the story can always be seen from more constructive points of view, assisting you in decreasing your anxiety and strengthening your sense of self.

In each post on Discover You we’ll take another step towards this method offering much needed assistance to persons and groups that suffer from identity crises and negative confrontations, and your patronage helps further the development.

Supporting development of the Daimon method may be of special interest for academics who want to see philosophy utilized as a functional, practical aid in the daily lives of people, as well as for those who have tried everything else to find the voice for their life story.

Later on, building on our experience and your feedback and help, we will develop seminars, books for individuals, parents, couples, co-workers, schools etc., post discussions and answers to readers’ questions on YouTube, and possibly even an app to guide the user through the process.

Our aim is communication. Our aim is purpose. Our aim is happiness.

Sincere, grateful regards,

Gestur H. Hilmarsson

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